Checking for Structural Damage?

Use your resources wisely. Only the right investigation gives you reliable answers.

Learning the right process, using the right equipment, and testing the right place will save you time, money, and effort.


Are you trying to determine whether or not structural damage exists? Investigate the right way. Check the zone of influence, and use the right equipment.

The Zone of Influence

The Zone of Influence has been defined based on research conducted in conjunction with the University of South Florida. Using scientific principles to rigorously determine the zone of influence is the key to ensuring that testing is useful. The old process just looked for reasons to investigate sinkholes. The right process focuses very specifically on identifying the features that have imminent impact on the building.

The Right Equipment

The old equipment missed the zone of influence completely. It tested too far away from the building and too far below it. The right equipment tests the place in which a problem can have an impact, which is the zone of influence. Equipment that tests within the actual zone of influence results in reliable answers, making the determination of Structural Damage more accurate.